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Programme 2020-21


1 Sep | Welcome, Introductions, Discussion
A look ahead to the year's programme
Announcement of President's Prize and reading of First Place
Readings of summer/other work
15 Sep | Club Night1
Animal Connection
6 Oct | Club Night2
Closing date for Flash Fiction Competition
20 Oct | Critique Night3
No theme
3 Nov | Flash Fiction Competition Adjudication
Esther Read
Closing date for Poetry Competition
17 Nov | Club Night
The Wood for the Trees
1 Dec | Poetry Competition Adjudication
Charlie Gracie
15 Dec | Silent Auction


5 Jan | Critique Night
No theme
19 Jan | Club Night4
Parallel Universe
Closing date for Olive Lawrie Short Story Competition
2 Feb | Club Night
Past Times
16 Feb | Olive Lawrie Short Story Adjudication
Shirley Blair
2 Mar | Critique Night
No theme
Closing date for President’s Prize
16 Mar | Workshop
Writing for Children and Young Adults
6 Apr | President’s Prize Announcement
20 Apr | AGM
27 Apr | Annual Meal
4 May | Stovie Night
East Inchmichael

Competitions 2020-21

Topic of own choice; max 40 lines
Deadline: 3 November
Result: 1 December
Adjudicator: Charlie Gracie
Flash Fiction
Topic of own choice; max 350 words
Deadline: 6 October
Result: 3 November
Adjudicator: Esther Read
Olive Lawrie Trophy: Short Story
Topic of own choice; max 2500 words
Deadline: 19 January
Result: 16 February
Adjudicator: Shirley Blair
President's Prize: Short Story
Topic of own choice; max 2500 words
Deadline: 2 March
Result: 6 April
Adjudicator: Stuart Wardrop


1 Club Night
Prose (or poetry), maximum 750 words (line number to be agreed), to read to the group. The purpose of providing a theme is to set the challenge of writing on a specific topic. Alternatively, members may bring any other piece of work, for example part of a bigger piece of writing within the word limit. It’s not obligatory to bring a piece of work.
2 Flash Fiction
A story that’s extremely concisely told, but is still clearly a story, with a conflict or situation to be resolved, character and plot development and an effective ending. Since the writer has few words available, every single one needs to count – and often what’s hinted at is as important as what’s explicitly described.
3 Critique Night
Prose (or poetry), maximum 750 words (line number to be agreed) to read to the group. Time is allowed after each piece for comments to be made. The writer may wish to point out aspects of their piece that they’d like comments on specifically. Please bring a minimum of eight copies to be handed out prior to reading. As well as giving verbal comments, members may wish to write brief comments on the piece before handing it back. It’s not obligatory to bring a piece of work.
4 Short Story
This can take many forms and there are several exceptions to any possible description. In general, it‘s a piece of fiction that can be read, or listened to, in a fairly short sitting. It will have a recognisable beginning, middle and end, making use of setting, plot, character and conflict to lead the reader satisfyingly through each stage. It will normally have only one point of view.